Available Electives

My Gift from Him: Spiritual Gifts
Conference Room
God equips every Christian to serve Him. This study will include a thorough look at the spiritual gifts listed in Scripture. Participants will receive a personal spiritual gifts test that will help them identify their giftedness and discuss how those gifts can be best used for the benefit of the body of Christ—the church.

Leadership (Men’s Session)
Room 14
Explore God’s definition of leadership in this study by examining the lives of four great leaders in Scripture and the characteristics and habits that made them successful in their God-given positions of leadership.

Wisdom That Works: Lessons from Proverbs
Proverbs is filled with practical instruction for every-day, 21st century living. Examine the applicable wisdom from Proverbs on important topics, such as our character, emotions, speech, work, and community.

Room 12
Christ has privileged us with direct access into His presence through prayer. How amazing! This study will examine biblical examples of prayer, explain types of prayer, and explore hindrances, benefits, and specific parts of prayer.

Mom to Mom
Children are a gift and a great responsibility. Hear four moms give biblical instruction and advice on raising children through each specific stage—baby/toddler, elementary-age, and teens.