Women of Faith Fellowship

Friday, September 6


We are excited about our upcoming Women of Faith Fellowship taking place on Friday, September 6th, with guest speaker: Missionary Lori Holt. This fellowship includes a delicious dinner, games, giveaways and a wonderful time of worship and instruction from God‘s word. We are looking forward to this event and hope you will plan to join us!

Please contact the church office at 818-340-6131 if you are interesting in joining us!


Split Sessions – 5:00 PM

  • All Hands-on Board – The call for the ship’s entire company to assist: Our home should be a joyful and desirable place. Learn practical tips for home management.
  • Below Deck The space below the main deck of the vessel: Our personal walk with Christ below the visible is our greatest task—and our greatest privilege. Learn ways to keep your daily time with Christ and the study of His Word exciting and profitable.
  • Bulkhead The water-tight, load-bearing wall of a ship: Our response to the inevitable trials of life and the potential for triumph is determined by our dependence upon Christ. In this session, consider the strength of our Savior and how we can thrive through life’s storms.
  • Seaworthy A boat that has been certified to safely sail: All singles are invited to this session as our special speaker Lori Holt discusses walking worthy of God’s calling and purpose both now and in the future.
  • Sistership Two ships in the same fleet: God has not called us to live as an “island.” Instead, He has blessed us with one another, but relationships require work. This session will offer biblical instruction on how to manage and enjoy the many relationships in our lives—relationships in our home, our workplace, and our church.
  • Remando Juntas Dos barcos en la misma flota: Esta sesión ofrecerá instrucción bíblica sobre cómo tratar y manejar las muchas relaciones en nuestras vidas –  relaciones en nuestro hogar, nuestro lugar de trabajo y nuestra iglesia.

Main Event – 6:15 PM