Faith Baptist Church is being used by God to reach countless lives here in the San Fernando Valley and around the world. We continue to see spiritual and numerical growth as people trust the Lord as their Savior and grow through Biblical discipleship. With growth, comes the need for enhanced space for the future. We are excited for Faith Baptist to take another step of faith through our involvement in the Revive Project.

We have the opportunity to expand our current auditorium and create more space for guests. We plan on reconfiguring our platform and replacing the seating in our auditorium, which will allow us to create sixty more seats per service. We also plan to update our audio and media capabilities to allow for more engaging content to be used during services. The update to our auditorium has one intention: to create a place where more people will hear the Gospel, receive Christ, and grow in their relationship with Him.

It is our prayer that we will follow the Lord’s leading and commit to be involved in this project. There will be sacrifices for all of us to make, but it is our prayer that we will follow what God has for the future of our church. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for Faith Baptist!